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TSY100 – 360 Photography & Video I

02.00 – Qoocam8k User Guide

DISCLAIMER: The author of this tutorial has not been compensated for the promotion of this camera and his views should be considered his own.

The following is a brief introduction to the Qoocam8k 360 camera from Kandao. I have been waiting years for just the right 360 camera which combined image quality, resolution and at a price point which is affordable to the average consumer. I have purchased and used dozens of cameras and this is the first camera for under $600 USD which I feel will allow the quality and precision needed for professional level work not only for virtual tours but also 3d scanning for Matterport style virtual tours and virtual/augmented reality applications.

The camera does have issues however, the center lens pixel sharpness has a noticeable fall off for objects in the distance and heat buildup seems to be an issue which affects sharpness over the duration of the shoot. Oddly, sharpness seems to be better towards the periphery of the image which is the opposite of most fisheye lenses. Sensor noise is a major issue as well with noise present at even ISO 100. Overall the camera features and output are consistently better than other cameras in this price range. Compared to other 360 cameras which support 10-bit 8k video such as the Insta360 Pro, the sharpness is definitely an issue but in all fairness the Insta360 Pro costs 10 times as much as the Qoocam8k. I believe the Qoocam8k is the best camera for the semi-professional market (under $1,000) and even professionals will find it a great camera for its small size and weight and for tight areas where larger cameras are not feasible to use.

Author’s Review: 4 out of 5 stars
Lens sharpness issues keeps this camera from being a perfect 5 out of 5.

02.01 – Qoocam8k Specifications

The following are excerpts from Qoocam8k product information at BHPhoto.com
  • Capture up to 8K30 and 4K120 360° Video
  • 20MP Stills Each Lens, Live Stream Video
  • 1/1.7″ Sensor, 2 x 200° FOV Lens Cameras
  • 6-Axis Gyro 360 Image Stabilization
  • Time-Lapse, SuperHDR Mode
  • Wi-Fi Viewing/Control, MP4/JPG Formats
  • 2.4″ Touchscreen, 3.5mm Audio Input
  • Records to microSD Cards up to 256GB
  • Google Streetview, iOS/Android App

The QooCam 8K 360 Camera from Kandao can capture up to 8K at 30 fps or up to 4K video at 120 fps and record at up to 200 Mb/s in H.265/264 mp4 format. The QooCam 8K features pro-style functions like super slow-motion effects, 6-axis gyro image stabilization, and SuperHDR APS-C-quality photos (tutorial author’s note: this is not true, APS-C sensors are far superior as the sensor is much larger and of higher quality). You can also live stream 4K 360° video and share your footage with your viewers. The camera’s 1/1.7″ CMOS sensor captures 20MP stills from each of its two lenses and provides high-quality HDR footage at up to 7680 x 3840, 30 fps, 10-bit video, and up to 16-bit SuperHDR DNG raw stills.

Each camera lens features an f/2.0 maximum aperture and a 200° field of view (tutorial author’s note: the lens is 195° effective after testing). The camera features multiple quick-switch video modes for different shots and effects, such as pano mode, super slow-motion, live streaming, and sports mode. Photo modes include stills, timed photos, SuperHDR, and time-lapse modes. In-camera stitching enables you to view your content via 5 and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi using the downloadable app with your iOS or Android device. Camera control is available via Wi-Fi, or you can use the crisp 2.4″ color touchscreen display to control the camera, leaving your smartphone for editing and other tasks. The built-in 6-axis gyro image stabilization helps produce smooth, gliding shots.

The camera also features a 3.5mm mic input on the side, so you can utilize a professional microphone and record high-quality PCM audio. The QooCam’s USB Type-C port is used for file transfer and charging the built-in 3000mAh battery. You can charge the battery while using the camera, and it supports USB-PD fast charging. The bottom of the camera incorporates a 1/4″-20 thread for mounting onto any compatible tripod or stand.

02.02 – Qoocam8k Quickstart

The following are official KandaoVR Qoocam8k PDFs and videos for setup and operation. Additional custom instructions related to the needs of this course are covered in the following lesson sections.

Qoocam8k User Guide
DNG8 + Raw User Guide
Qoocam Studio Tutorial
How to Go Live with Qoocam8k

Qoocam8K Quickstart
Qoocam8k Firmware Update
Qoocam8k App Tutorial
Qoocam8k Express Edit
Qoocam Studio Tutorial 1
Qoocam Studio Tutorial 2

02.03 – Using a Light Meter App


02.04 – Camera Capture Settings


02.05 – Your First 360 Image Capture


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