About Me

Jeffrey Ian Wilson is a seasoned Entrepreneur, Inventor, Supervisor and Program Manager with a demonstrated history of leading teams across a broad spectrum of industries including 3d simulation and visualization, location-based experiences, visual effects for film and television, video games and virtual / augmented reality applications.  Jeffrey’s background across a wide number of skill sets allows him to plan, develop and deliver projects rapidly and with limited resources.

Companies such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Leica Geosystems and NASA have sought out his talents for training and consulting for 3d visualization and simulation.  He has been providing services to some of the biggest visual effects teams on productions from X-Men 2 to Fast & the Furious 8 and Solo: A Star Wars Story.  He personally negotiated, secured, and managed numerous large-scale high-profile contracts including establishing himself as a preferred vendor for 20th Century Fox and provided all 3d scanning and character modeling services for the television show Sleepy Hollow.  Jeffrey also has been providing services to the video game industry for companies such as Ubisoft, Activision, Sony and Electronic Arts and corporations including Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Smithsonian Museum and Universal Studios Orlando.

Throughout his career he has been a project manager, supervisor, and mentor to junior designers on projects of both large and small scale. He continues to lead teams and foster individual growth, recognizing talent and leveraging strengths of individual contributors for the betterment of the entire production. He prides himself as a teacher and collaborator and founded the 3D Scanning Users Group in 2014 which has grown to 22,000 members which an engagement rate of nearly 30%. He has been recruiting, managing, and training talent across the globe in his production work including the management an international crew of production artists and programmers on 4 different continents from North America to South America, Europe, and Asia.  His passion for research & development, 3d graphics production, leadership skills and his positive disposition make him an ideal candidate to suit ever-changing production needs.

Jeffrey is currently the Data Acquisition Supervisor at ScanlineVFX spearheading the automated processing of petabytes of 4D Body and Environment Capture datasets for both previsualization and production assets.

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Work History

Data Acquisition Supervisor at ScanlineVFX (2020 to Present)

Manage & supervisor reality capture content for virtual production, previsualization, and production for AAA film and television productions.  Please visit www.scanlinevfx.com for a list of projects currently in production.

Unreal Fellowship at Epic Games (2020)

Since May 2020, Epic Games has been piloting a new initiative called Unreal Fellowship with a select group of film, animation, and visual effects professionals. The intensive blended learning experience is designed to help experienced industry professionals in film, animation, and VFX learn Unreal Engine, understand the state of the art in virtual production, and be able to build teams using leading technologies and techniques in the emerging field of real-time production.

Pillars of the Fellowship include Unreal Online Learning courses, live training, guest lectures, and mentorship that focuses on Unreal Engine fundamentals, model ingestion, animation and mocap integration, look dev, lighting setups, and cinematic storytelling. With newly acquired knowledge and expertise, Fellowship members work on projects using Sequencer with assets and animation data from Epic and the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

Art Director | VFX Supervisor | Project Manager at Virtual Wonders (2018 – 2020)

Massive scale 3d scanning pipeline management, development, and implementation for cultural preservation applications in visual effects. games, virtual reality applications.  Business development and marketing leveraging company scanning resources to the visual effects and games industries.  Recruited, trained, and managed novice artists and assessed and assigned tasks based on talent, drive and ambition.  Designed, assembled and setup a 10 node Vray renderfarm using Deadline and Amazon EC2 connectivity.  Wrote scripts to batch process over 30 terabytes of photography and lidar data with final delivery being automated and delivered on Amazon S3 storage.  Developing workflows and best use practices for VFX Virtual Production in Unreal and coordinating with Epic Games plugin development team to push the limits of their software.  Extensive Cesium and ArcGIS “Story” delivery of projects for National Geographic for projects including The Tomb of Christ, Petra, Church of the Nativity, Chichen Itza and Mount Everest.

Unreal Engine development includes VR/AR applications for the Church of the Nativity Grotto Experience, Chichen Itza and Apollo Moon Lunar Lander.  Integration and pipeline design for virtual production, leveraging 3d scan data for online multi-user collaboration and planning purposes for DigitalTree and Thinkwell Group.  Pixel streaming technology demonstrations for Ryot/Verizon involved setting up an Unreal app “server” on Amazon EC2 instances and delivered via streaming to 5G phones.  Large scale, massive point cloud visualization and development cooperation directly with Phoboz Interactive, developer of the Unreal Engine point cloud plugin and coordination efforts delivering massive GIS scenes with Skyline Software and delivered via Cesium and the upcoming Cesium Unreal plugin.

Co-Founder | President at Villaflor-Wilson Media (2015 – 2018)

3D asset management, production and support for visual effects, games, previsualization and virtual reality applications. Notable clients/projects include 3d scanning, modeling, and texturing of 13 Chinese Terracotta Warrior statues for AR application for Ben Franklin Museum in Philadelphia.  Visual effects clients included but not limited to Gentle Giant Studios (Burbank. CA) working on scan data for the film, Fate of the Furious (2017) and Star Wars: Solo (2017) as well as a consulting with the Discovery Channel supporting their ongoing VR production efforts.  Additional consulting included research and development of deploying scan processing to the cloud via Amazon Web Services to enable scalability and centralized processing, data access, storage, and security.

Senior Character Artist at Tripwire Interactive (2014-2015)

Responsible for 3d modeling, UVs, and textures for all playable characters for Killing Floor 2.  Delivered animation ready 3d character models and integrated into Unreal with master/instance shaders for rapid integration with the animation, programming, and level design teams.

Co-Founder | President at 2nd Chance Games and VFX (2012 – 2015)

3D asset management, production and support for visual effects, games and 3d visualization.  Recruited, trained, and managed a remote crew of 16 freelancers on 3 continents developing 3d characters derived from scan data for use in film, television, and games.  Notable projects include all 3d scanning and character modeling for the TV show, “Sleepy Hollow” on Fox. Clients included Tripwire Interactive, Smithsonian Museum, 20th Century Fox and HB Studios Canada.

Lead 3D Generalist at TNG Visual Effects (2011-2012)

Led a team of artists producing 3d models and assets derived from 3d scans for characters and environments.  Notable projects included the films “Where the Wild Things Are”, “Edge of Tomorrow” and “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”.

Lead 3D Generalist at Logan Media LA (2012-2013)

Wide variety of Maya skillsets utilized including hard-surface and character modeling, animation, particle effects, destruction effects and matte painting cameras projection setup and fluid effects.  Led a team of 6 artists on projects including Borderlands 2 live action commercial, Apple iPhone, Microsoft Server 2012, Microsoft Xbox, and Nike Oblivion commercials.