Jeffrey Ian Wilson

Entrepreneur | Inventor | Project Manager | VR/AR Developer | Reality Capture Specialist

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Jeffrey Ian Wilson is a seasoned Entrepreneur, Inventor, Supervisor and Project Manager with a demonstrated history of leading teams across a broad spectrum of industries including 3d simulation and visualization, location-based experiences, visual effects for film and television, video games and virtual / augmented reality applications.  Jeffrey’s background across a wide number of skill sets allows him to develop previsualizations rapidly and even with limited resources.

Companies such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Leica Geosystems and NASA have sought out his talents for training and consulting for 3d visualization and simulation.  He has been providing services to some of the biggest visual effects teams on productions from X-Men 2 to Fast & the Furious 8 and Solo: A Star Wars Story.  He personally negotiated, secured, and managed numerous large-scale high-profile contracts including establishing himself as a preferred vendor for 20th Century Fox and provided all 3d scanning and character modeling services for the television show Sleepy Hollow.  Jeffrey also has been providing services to the video game industry for companies such as Ubisoft, Activision, Sony and Electronic Arts and corporations including Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Smithsonian Museum and Universal Studios Orlando.

Throughout his career he has been a project manager, supervisor, and mentor to junior designers on projects of both large and small scale. He continues to lead teams and foster individual growth, recognizing talent and leveraging strengths of individual contributors for the betterment of the entire production. He prides himself as a teacher and collaborator and founded the 3D Scanning Users Group in 2014 which has grown to 22,000 members which an engagement rate of nearly 30%. He has been recruiting, managing, and training talent across the globe in his production work including the management an international crew of production artists and programmers on 4 different continents from North America to South America, Europe and Asia.  His passion for research & development, 3d graphics production, leadership skills and his positive disposition make him an ideal candidate to suit ever-changing production needs.

Jeffrey is currently the Data Acquisition Supervisor at ScanlineVFX spearheading the automated processing of petabytes of 4D Body Capture and Environment Capture datasets for both previsualization and production assets.