Demo Reel

This is a collection of my master reel, skill based reels and my game and film credits. I consider myself a true generalist whether it be for game development or visual effects. I have an unusually broad pallet of skill sets which combined is rare in the industry. I have made it easier for potential employers and clients by breaking my reel into specific skill reels. These skill based reels are collection of examples presented in a way to get a general idea of my capability. For a more elaborate evaluation of my skills, please refer to the skills page by using the menu above.

This page is under development. Please come back soon for updates.

3D Scanning

I have been doing 3d scanning for over 10 years. I presently provide photogrammetry and LIDAR services to engineering, games and visual effects companies. I also have had experience with structured light scanners such as the Artec, 3D3 and Kinect/Primesense sensors. I am skilled at all levels of the process including planning, acquisition, registration, cleanup, meshing and then re-meshing for a variety of applications.

3D Scanning Reel from jeffreyianwilson on Vimeo.

Aerial Photogrammetry Test from jeffreyianwilson on Vimeo.

Coming Soon…

VFX Demo Reel from jeffreyianwilson on Vimeo.

Please download the shot list with descriptions in an attached PDF file. (Coming Soon)

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Rockstar, Bioware, Activision, Sony, Electronic Arts, Treyarch, Microsoft Game Studios, Capcom, Unity Technologies

Visual Effects

Digital Domain, Luma Pictures, Marvel Studios, Gradient Effects, Leviathan, Zoic Studios, Blur Studios, Stargate Studios


Audi, Google, Nike, Microsoft, Target, Cadillac, PepsiCo, Walmart, Northrop Grumman


Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Marshall University, Defense Intelligence Agency, General Dynamics, NASA, US Army Missile Command, US Army Aviation