About Me


I have over 18 years of experience in the field, my first job working in television at an ABC affiliate in Huntsville, AL in 1993. I have experience in a broad collection of software including Maya, 3DS Max, Alias Studio, Geomagic, Zbrush, Mudbox, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects as well as games engines such as Unity and the Unreal Development Kit. My 3D related skills include but is not limited to: character modeling, hard surface modeling, UV/texturing, character rigging, particle effects, look development, shading, rendering and compositing. I have worked as a lead modeler for several different companies recently and frequently I have been employed as a lead since I was hired as an art director for an internet company in 1997. I have built production pipelines for characters and assets for games/vfx. I also have extensive experience working with and operating scan data / equipment. I have used several LIDAR style scanners including the Faro Focus 3D, Trimble Surphaser FX and GX, several structured light scanners such as Flexscan 3D and Artec 3D scanners. I also have a wealth of experience in photogrammetry, a low cost solution allowing even the smallest studio to integrate real world assets in their productions. I am a true generalist. In college I studied photography and videography in addition to fine art. I worked as an intern at Sea World’s video documentary department. A strong production background in television gives me an advantage over conventional candidates for I can help smaller studios work through an entire project lifespan from pre production, production and post production. As a lead artist I have skills in project management using Microsoft Office Suite. I have tracked budgets, assets and artists using Microsoft Excel, Project, Visio and Access. Asset management tool experience includes Alienbrain, Vault, Shotgun, Perforce and Sourcesafe.

Thank You,
Jeffrey Wilson

Jeff is the best 3D artist I have worked with, and the first I recommend when asked to recommend anyone for game development or VFX work. Jeff’s greatest skill is spearheading new tech development, i.e. solving the hard problems of optimizing your art pipeline, either by identifying workflow savings or the novel application of tools to expensive/time-consuming production steps. In a nutshell, in a lead artist role, Jeff will save you far more than he will ever cost. Beyond this, Jeff is one of the best character modelers, texture artists, 3D generalist, and 3D scan technicians in the film and game development industries. I have worked with him at two companies and on a number of projects over the last 10 years. I can unreservedly recommend him as a team member, co-worker and a good guy to hang out with.
Kevin Kunze – Co-Founder & Lead Programmer at nVision Systems, nVis360, and President of QuietPixel, Inc.